Getting Started in Ohio

Enroll in the Ohio ELT Program

To join Ohio’s ELT Program, please complete and sign the following agreement and mail the original to DDI at:

Decision Dynamics, Inc.
1324 N Lake Dr.
Lexington, SC 29072

Pages 8 and 9 request account information and a deposit slip or voided check from the lienholder. This is used for automatic debit of OH DMV fees that may be incurred by the lienholder. NOTE:  If you do not wish to set up an account, please mark through page 8 with an “X”.  You must still sign and return pages 8 and 9 as OH requires the entire document.

Account information is not required if you intend to only submit lien applications and fee manually and release liens electronically.

Account information is required if you intend to submit lien applications electronically through your Premier eTitleLien website or requests any other OH DMV services.


Ohio ELT Program Details

For more information about how the Electronic Lien and Title program works in Ohio, please visit

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