What is ELT?

What is ELT?

Electronic Lien and Title programs 

Many U.S. states allow lienholders to retain electronic titles in lieu of paper titles. The electronic title sent to the lienholder through an authorized service provider is the official notification of lien placement with the state titling agency. With the ELT program, an electronic notification to the lienholder serves the same purpose as receiving a paper title in the mail.


An ELT program will implement a number of different kinds of transactions: messages that correspond to a titling event. Each state chooses to implement different transactions, partly based on legislative restrictions or requirements.

eTitle or Electronic Title

An eTitle (also called Electronic Title or non-printed title) is a title that remains electronic. eTitles generally refer to electronic titles that do not have a lien, as opposed to ELT.

AAMVA’s Standard for ELT

AAMVA’s standard for ELT comes closest to a single national standard. The standard is copyrighted and must be obtained from AAMVA. Each state makes their own determination on how to implement the standard. The following states implement AAMVA ELT to one extent or another: Arizona, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.