No More Paper!

Premier eTitleLien®

Premier eTitleLien® is a web-based application that allows lienholders to manage their vehicle titles electronically and provides an electronic ownership record in lieu of a paper title. Premier eTitleLien® works primarily with Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) programs offered by US States, but allows companies to manage all titles, electronic or paper, from any state in a single application.

Go Green with ELTNo More Paper!
The Electronic Lien and Title Programs offered by the state allow lenders to no longer have to store paper titles. The state DMV sends an electronic message indicating a lien has been placed. When the loan is satisfied, the lender sends an electronic lien release back to the state.

Simpler Titling Process
Premier eTitleLien® simplifies the handling and tracking of titles. Titles are recorded and displayed from all states in a single view. The various rules for each state are simplified and made consistent. Any notices from the state are automatically presented to the user. Titles are tracked throughout the lien process and users are informed when some action needs to be taken.

Reduced Fraud & Errors
Premier eTitleLien® has a built-in “Lien Alert” system and other safeguards so lenders and consumers benefit from the reduction in fraud inherent in any paper-based process. Title Checks provide direct access to the DMV for checking the status of a title or other verification.

Knowledgeable Support
Decision Dynamics, Inc. takes pride in delivering superior products with the highest level of customer service. DDI has been serving customers for over 10 years and has been an ELT service provider since August 2006. Join over 3,200 lenders now using Premier eTitleLien®!

DDI partners with Virginia Bankers Association Management Services as Virginia DMV requires ELT participation
Decision Dynamics Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Virginia Bankers Association Management Services Inc. As of October 1, 2015, the Virginia DMV requires all financial institutions that process 50 or more titles in a year to enroll in the ELT program, in order for lenders to have the capability to exchange lien and title information with the DMV.

The 2014 Premier eTitleLien® Users Group Conference and ELT Symposium has ended.   We had a great conference with topics on vehicle lending legislation (including an update on the impact of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)), requirements and restrictions related to eSignature and electronic transactions, upcoming state changes to ELT programs, a Question and Answer time with several state DMVs, and a look at some of the new features implemented in Premier eTitleLien®.

All the staff from Decision Dynamics, Inc. who were able to make it this year in Savannah were very pleased to be able to meet with our users again face to face. We had many enlightening discussions about changes to their companies and changing needs for vehicle lending. We were also happy to have attendees representing both the South Carolina and Arizona DMVs, as well as remote participation from the Alabama, California, and Florida DMVs.

One of the last presentations highlighted a growing service at DDI that came up frequently throughout the conference: The Premier Title and Registration Service Center. “Be the Hero!” was the theme for the DDI Title Center (as it is referred to) which offers several services that supplement Premier eTitleLien®:

  • Process title application or registration forms.  This was of particular interest for customers who only occasionally need to work outside their home state.
  • Vault paper titles for states that do not have an ELT program.  This allows paper titles to be “electronic” and for Premier eTitleLien to be a single point for managing all titles.
  • Provide estimates of title and registration fees.

We’re already looking forward to our next conference!

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